Things You Must Know About Sesame Seeds India

Sesame seeds are a common spice which is popular throughout the world. This spice is produced from a really small annual plant which is known as the Sesamum Indicum. Although Africa is the largest producer of this plant, Sesame seeds of India are popular for the quality. The sesame plant is usually 2 to 9 feet tall having beautiful white, yellow and purple flowers which are approximately an inch long. Although, these seeds were cultivated since ancient times that is approximately 5000 years back, it became popular just a few decades ago when people got familiar with its benefits.

Sesame seeds exporters India

Sesame seeds and black Sesame seeds

Benefits Of Seasame Seeds

Sesame seeds include Calcium and Omega 3 which are known for eliminating fat cells from the human body. Since obesity or excessive fat is one of the most common problems amongst Indians in today’s date, consumption of Sesame Seeds In India  is growing day by day. People who wish to lose stomach fat or willing to shed overall weight can consume sesame paste (commonly known as Tahini) in breakfast. Although, the culture of consumption of Tahini was introduced in western countries several years back, it has been popularized in India recently

Industries That Use Sesame Seeds In India

The sesame seeds are used in a really large percentage for the production of the bakery items. Most commonly they are used in sweets, sandwiches as well as buns. Some of the other food items wherein sesame seeds are used are cookies and cakes, chutneys, biscuits, rolls, breads, sauces, dressings and vegetable dishes. These seeds are often fried in a dry pan in order to extract the nutty flavor which brings excellent taste. Sesame seeds in India are also ground into fine paste and used as condiment. Sesame oil is also used for cooking purposes is many other countries apart from India especially the Asian and Middle Eastern countries

Production And Availability

The sesame seeds are cultivated in the tropical areas of India, Asia, Myanmar, China as well as North Africa. The production of these seeds is so high in India that they are also exported to other parts of the world.

The sesame seeds are available in many of the grocery stores packaged in bottles and jars. They are also offered in bulk by many of the health food stores.

Many online stores also offer Products Made Up Of Sesame Seeds which are not only easy to purchase but also a convenient option.

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